Authorities Say Rezwan Ferdaus Plotted To Blow Up US Capitol

A 26-year-old Massachusetts man has been charged with plotting to bomb the US Capitol with a remote-control aircraft. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Could a toy remote control airplane really blow up the dome of the US Capitol building?

That's the accusation facing alleged terrorist Rezwan Ferdaus.

The FBI says he planned to use three planes, packed with explosives, to "'decapitate" the dome.

But now we're learning more about those remote-controlled model planes.

They can be as long as six feet, and are scale replicas of fighter jets. Incredibly detailed, they look and sound just like the real thing.

INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero got a close-up look from hobbyist Randy Mytar.

"You could, presumably, be a kid in your basement at home, on your computer, and order a model airplane?" asked Guerrero.

"Yes," said Mytar.

"And you could, presumably, put anything you want into the device?" asked Guerrero. 

"Yes," said Mytar.

The planes can run on gas, diesel, or battery power. They have a range of about one mile and could carry a payload of up to 50 lbs enough to do damage to the US Capitol or any other building it hits.

The planes can cost up to $10,000, and are sold online and at hobby shops all over the country.

Fred Mutchins owns Jan's Hobby Shop in Manhattan.

"They're not easy to operate. You have to be experienced in flying models to operate them successfully," said Mutchins.

He says the New York police department has kept tabs on the planes.

"NYPD specifically sent a memo to all retail hobby operations in the New York area concerning possible terrorist activity buying radar controlled airplanes," said Mutchins.

26-year-old Ferdaus was arrested Wednesday at a Massachusetts warehouse.

The FBI says he had rented the planes to prepare for the terror attack.

They say he knew what he was doing because he has a degree in physics from Boston's Northeastern University.

Ferdaus lived at home with his parents. They live in a neat four bedroom home in a leafy middle class suburb of Boston.

He also played drums part time in an indie rock band.