Will Michael Jackson's Kids Testify in Conrad Murray Trial?

Speculation has surfaced that Michael Jackson’s children may be called to testify in the Conrad Murray trial. INSIDE EDITION reports on state of the kids since their father’s death.

The Jackson children have certainly been through a lot since the death of their famous dad two years ago. Now the question is, will they be called to the stand?

Jackson family lawyer Brian Oxman told INSIDE EDITION that family matriarch Katherine Jackson does not want the children to testify at the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.

"But her attitude is, if that's what they're called to do, they're going to really do a good job of it. Michael would want them to stand up for him," said Oxman.

Attorney Tom Mesereau, who successfully defended Jackson during his 2005 child molestation trial, doubts that the kids will be called to testify.

"The prosecution should only call them if they're necessary. You don't want to make it look like it's gratuitous. If they have a genuine need for these children to testify, then they should do it. Otherwise, I wouldn't," said Mesereau.

It was a challenge for Prince, Paris, and Blanket Jackson to live normal lives while the King of Pop was alive. The challenge continues after his death.

Prince, the oldest, was 12 years old at his father's funeral. Now 14, he's got his dad's sense of style, as well as excellent grades in school. At last November's Grammy Awards, Prince was truly eloquent.

"Through all his songs, his message was simple—love," said Prince at the Grammy Awards.

The world will never forget Paris Jackson's loving tribute to her father at the funeral. The 13-year-old told Oprah Winfrey she hopes to enter show business, just like her dad.

"I'd like to be an actress when I'm older," Paris told Oprah.

And Paris finds true comfort in her aunt La Toya.

"La Toya is particularly close to Paris," said Oxman.

Meanwhile, are the Jackson children being shielded from the startling revelations and images at the trial?

Oxman said, "Nobody broaches the subject of this to the children unless they are asked."

And if Michael Jackson's children are called to the stand, they're expected to handle it with the same grace and dignity we've come to know.

Oxman concluded with, "The kids are strong. They'll do their duty. They'll make their dad really proud."