Amanda Knox Dances At Prison Concert Days Before Verdict

Just days before a verdict is given to Amanda Knox for her appeal of a murder conviction, she was dancing at a rock concert in the Italian prison where she is being held. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Is Amanda Knox partying in prison?

The just-released pictures were taken earlier this month at the Italian prison where the 24-year-old Seattle native has spent the last four years behind bars.

In a video obtained by CNN, she can be seen dancing to a local rock band that was allowed inside the prison to entertain Knoxand the other inmates.   

A photo shows Knoxjumping in the air with her fellow prisoners.

Clearly enjoying the music, she appears relaxed and carefree.

It's a far cry from the exhausted young woman seen coming to court every day with the strain etched on her face.

The lead singer of the band that performed says Knox wrote him fan letters and even sent poetry.

The concert pictures couldn't have come at a worse time for Knox.

Her appeals trial is wrapping up, and her fate is now in the hands of a judge and jury.

The verdict is expected Monday.

Knox will either walk free or stay in prison for at least another 20 years.