Ashton Kutcher Still Wearing Wedding Ring

As rumors swirl of marital trouble between Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, the couple was seen together at the Kaballah Center and Kutcher was still wearing his wedding ring. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Demi Moore's 48, and Ashton Kutcher's 33!

In the first photo of Kutcher since those reports of trouble in his marriage, he's wearing his wedding ring!

As rumors swirl that Kutcher and Moore have split, Kutcher was snapped leaving a motorcycle store in Hollywood, still wearing his wedding band.

Kutcher, the star of Two and a Half Men, is 15 years younger than Moore.  

That leaves some wondering if a relationship with such a wide age gap can ever really work.  

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd spoke to Stacey Anderson, star of the TV reality show The Cougar.

"When you look at the relationship between Ashton and Demi, can the older woman younger man situation actually work?" asked Boyd.

"The connection with a younger man and an older woman comes from the fact that he's starting his career, and an older woman, she's already had a family and is possibly reinventing her career. So I think there is a superficial bond. But it doesn't last," said Anderson.

Anderson, 42, had her pick of 20 young hunks on her show.

"Taking in consideration your experience, can Ashton and Demi's relationship survive?" asked Boyd.

"Of course I would love to see them stay together, but ultimately I don't think it's going to last," said Anderson.