Crowd Lifts Car Off Trapped Boy

Another display of the power of the people was shown when civilians joined police to lift a car off of a first grade boy who was trapped under the vehicle. INSIDE EDITION has the dramatic details.

A dramatic 911 call was made as a first grader was trapped beneath a car. What happened next was caught on police dashcam video.

Caller: "I have a student who has been hit by a vehicle in the parking lot of my school. He's pinned under the car."

911 operator: "Is there any serious bleeding?"

Caller: "Yes, but we cannot tell specifically because of where he is pinned under the car."

Three cops were joined by three civilians and everyone pitched in to lift the car just enough to let the injured child's grandfather pull him free. Incredibly, the boy even stood up.

The boy had been dropped off at school by his grandfather when he was hit by another vehicle in the parking lot.

The people-power rescue in Boca Raton, Florida, is an echo of another incident just two weeks ago in Utah when a dozen bystanders risked their lives to lift a burning vehicle off an injured man and drag him to safety.

The injured Florida boy is six-year-old Dominic DeRoberts. His distraught mom, who was in the Bronx, New York visiting a sick relative, could barely speak through her tears as she rushed to her son's bedside.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked, "What was your reaction when you finally saw the video?"

"I started crying. I really didn't believe it," said his mom.

Doctors reattached a severed ear and he has a punctured lung, but he's going to okay.