Lifetime's Girl Fight Based on True Story of Victoria Lindsay

The new Lifetime movie Girl Fight is telling the story of Victoria Lindsay, the Florida cheerleader who was beaten by classmates for 30 minutes at a sleepover. INSIDE EDITION has more.

If the brutal scenes in the new Lifetime movie Girl Fight looks familiar, it's because the movie is based on the true story of Florida cheerleader Victoria Lindsay.

Lindsay's story shocked the nation. She was beaten by six classmates at a sleepover, just so they could post the video on YouTube.

"I asked the whole time, 'Please let me go, please give me a phone,' and they just mocked me and laughed at me like it was some kind of show," she said.

INSIDE EDITION brought you Lindsay's story in 2008. The savage beating went on for 30 minutes, and it's recreated almost scene-for-scene in the movie.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent spoke to actress Jodelle Ferland, who plays Victoria Lindsay.

Trent asked, "The scene is really, really well shot […] were there any real blows in there at all?"

"It was horrible I mean, I obviously knew that it was fake because I was a part of it but, still, watching it, it was horrible and that was me in there. I can't imagine if that actually happened," Ferland said.

The girls who beat Lindsay were arrested and pled guilty to battery. They were sentenced to probation. The movie, which also stars Anne Heche as the victim's mother, airs October 3rd on Lifetime.