The Life Amanda Knox Faces Upon Returning Home

Everyone is asking how will Amanda Knox adjust to life back home after her harrowing four years in an Italian prison. INSIDE EDITION sat down with family members of Knox who are preparing a big welcome home for her.

For the first time in four years, Amanda Knox walks free in the world. But it's not the world she once knew.

Knox's aunt, Dee Selk, spoke exclusively with INSIDE EDITION about the welcome home preparations at her dad's house in Seattle where gifts galore await Knox's arrival.

"Just her freedom alone and being able to come and go as she pleases, that's going to be tremendous," said Selk.

On a sad note, beloved family dog Ralphie passed away while Knox was behind bars. And that little girl who once wore pigtails is now, for better or worse, an international celebrity.

Knox is no longer the carefree college student we once saw in a video of her. Now, everyone will be watching her every move.

Crisis management expert Mike Paul urges the young woman once known as "Foxy Knoxy" to proceed with caution.

Paul told INSIDE EDITION, "She has to start from scratch. Foxy Knoxy needs to decide what it is she's going to be portrayed as."

Music was always one of her passions. Some believe she's good enough to turn professional.

Former boyfriend James Terrano stood by his ex-girlfriend when INSIDE EDITION spoke with him shortly after she was arrested for allegedly murdering Meredith Kercher.

"There's no way she did it," said Terrano.

And now that her murder conviction has been overturned, Knox is certain to be besieged with offers for big bucks. But many say she has to keep her mind on the big picture.

"She also has to think of her reputation in the future. What does she do for a living, post-writing a book. What does she do for a living post-movie deal. We all want to see what happens next," said Paul.

Selk told INSIDE EDITION, "Most people would sit down and say, 'I give up,' but Amanda's not the kind of person. She's just not. She's a very, very strong young lady."