Casey Anthony Is Still Unemployed

What is life like these days for Casey Anthony? A recent probation report says she’s broke, unemployed, and has consumed alcohol but not in excess. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Casey Anthony still doesn't have a job.

Three months after her stunning acquittal on a charge of murdering her daughter, a just-released probation report reveals that she is unemployed.

Anthony apparently has no other source of income either.

In the hand written monthly probation form, Anthony's address has been blacked out twice by authorities fearful for her safety.

Anthony reveals that she consumed alcohol in the last month, though apparently not to excess, and claims she has not taken drugs.

Anthony's lawyer, Jose Baez, told Geraldo Rivera a few weeks ago that she was undergoing therapy and seeing "spiritual advisers."

"What do you mean by spiritual advisers? You mean therapists?" asked Rivera.

"A combination of both, yes," said Baez.

But when asked on the probation form if she has attended "mental health, therapy or self-improvement programs" in the last month, Anthony checked the box for "No."

Although Anthony was cleared of killing her two-year-old daughter Caylee, she is serving probation for an earlier check-fraud conviction.