The Women of Conrad Murray Give Colorful Testimony

Details are emerging on the women in Conrad Murray’s life who have testified in court. Three of them worked in Las Vegas strip clubs and many people thought one in particular seemed like she was giving an audition more than a testimony. INSIDE ED

It's not easy to steal the show when the person you're testifying about is Michael Jackson, but that's what one witness did.

Nicole Alvarez is the lover of Dr. Conrad Murray, the man on trial for manslaughter in the death of the King of Pop. When asked what she did for a living, her answer was a real jaw-dropper.

"As a professional actress, my daily duties consist of maintaining my instrument," said Alvarez.

Maintaining her instrument? The prosecution needed clarification on that one.

"When you refer to an instrument, what are you referring to?" asked an attorney.

"Myself. As an actor, your instrument is yourself," replied Alvarez.

Alvarez appeared in a film called Her Knight. What she didn't mention on the stand is that she was also a topless dancer. She met Dr. Murray at the Crazy Horse Too Gentlemen's Club in Las Vegas.

A former friend of Alvarez's, Ben Harris Jr. told INSIDE EDITION, "If she left to go to Vegas for example, on a Thursday, she would probably dance Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday. She absolutely wouldn't dance on Sunday."

To many minds, Alvarez's flamboyant testimony was nothing less than an audition.

Alvarez was preceded on the stand by three other women in Murray's life including Houston cocktail waitress Sade Anding. And get this—two of the others also worked in Las Vegas strip clubs—Brigitte Morgan and Michelle Bella.

Defense lawyer Aisson Triessel put it best about the parade of women who took the stand.

"I thought I was watching Victoria's Secret models," said Triessel.

It appears that Dr. Murray definitely has a weakness for the ladies. Over the years, he has fathered at least seven children with six women, most of them out of wedlock. That includes a two-year-old son he had with Nicole Alvarez.

Murray was spotted with Alvarez and their child leaving a restaurant on Tuesday night, after Alvarez's big day in court.

Ben Harris Jr. recalls what she had to say when she became involved with the doctor.

Harris Jr. told INSIDE EDITION, "Nicole met Conrad while she was dancing in Las Vegas. I can vividly recall her coming home the next morning saying, 'I hit the jackpot.' "