Growing Outrage Over NASCAR Crash

INSIDE EDITION talks to the NASCAR driver whose car flew through the air in a spectacular crash that has caused outrage among many.

There's growing outrage over the spectacular NASCAR crash that sent one car flying through mid-air. Carl Edwards, the driver of the car who deliberately caused the crash was placed on probation. He has not suspended.

Brad Keselowski, whose car was flipped over by his rival, is now speaking out about their long-running feud that led to the crash.

"There's no doubt the penalty is a slap on the wrist, but they did put him on probation and made it clear it was something they didn't want to see ever again," said Keselowski.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked Keselowski, "The next time you race Carl Edwards, are you prepared to bump or make contact with him?"

"I was prepared to do that beforehand so, I don't plan on changing at all. The best retaliation there is is to race him just as I raced him before," said Keselowski.

NASCAR has been accused of making the races more and more dangerous by allegedly encouraging drivers to hit each other at high speeds.

"NASCAR instituted a policy that encourages a little bit of bumping and grinding. What they didn't institute a policy of is it's okay to intentionally wreck someone," said Keselowski.

"Do you believe in any way this new policy is endangering spectators?" asked Boyd.

"Racing is dangerous. There's always that possibility and tracks are doing all they can to make it safer," said Keselowski. And he says that the dangerous feud is still on.

The president of NASCAR says they are working to find a way to keep cars from getting airborne but admits if a car gets rammed at those speeds, it's likely to take air.