Wall Street Protests Spread Across Country

The protests on Wall Street continue to grow in New York and across the country as more citizens voice their outrage over "corporate greed". INSIDE EDITION reports from Wall Street.

It turned into an all out brawl on Wall Street as protestors tried to jump a police barricade. Then, all hell broke loose.

Every moment was captured by cameras rolling smack in the middle of the action. New York City cops also resorted to using pepper spray again. The wild scene was front page news around the country.

The protestors say they are standing up to corporate greed. But Wall Street types have had enough.

One citizen commenting on the protestors told INSIDE EDITION, "Why don't you go get a job or something. Don't block traffic, block the bridges."

Another man who works on Wall Street told INSIDE EDITION, "If you have an opportunity to make a living, and you're good at it, and you happen to make a lot of money, you know, who says you shouldn't?"

Last night's march started peacefully with massive crowds in the thousands. Crowds cheered when director Michael Moore and actor Tim Robbins showed up at the rally.

"This is going to continue to grow. This is a real grassroots movement. This is what it really looks like," said Robbins.

And it does seem to be spreading to other cities. Outside Los Angeles things got real personal. Some protestors stormed the mansion of the CFO of Wells Fargo bank. A single security guard posted at the front gate couldn't hold the crowd back.

The protests came up at President Obama's press conference Thursday.

"Obviously I've heard of it. I've seen it on television. I think it expresses the frustrations that the American people feel," said President Obama.

Back on Wall Street police arrested more than 30 people. Now the question is: What's next?