The World Mourns Steve Jobs

The world is mourning the death of Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs, who changed the world with his innovative ideas and different way of thinking. INSIDE EDITION reports

Apple visionary Steve Jobs changed the way the world works for people of all ages, and he will live forever through his innovations.

The genius behind the Apple empire was battling pancreatic cancer when he addressed Stanford University in 2005. As one of the world's richest men, he understood that the only true wealth is time, and he made every moment count.
He told the graduating class, "I was lucky. I found what I loved to do early in life."

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret visited the world famous garage where it all started. A college dropout named Steve Jobs began tinkering around with a little idea that would eventually blossom into a global empire, and make him an idol to millions.

Jobs was joined by his good buddy Steve Wozniak, who shared recollections of those early days in the garage.

"We did all the things that young people do, misbehavior, playing around, pranks, talking about ideas of features that we could put into products," Wozniak told The Early Show.

Footage from Jobs's very first TV interview in 1978 shows a shy, awkward young man, a contrast to the confident Apple CEO the world has come to know.

Jobs's list of accomplishments is almost impossible to fathom. His influence even spread to animated films with the revolutionary animation studio Pixar.

Millions of people are flocking to Apple stores all over the world to pay their respects to the man who had a tremendous impact on their lives. In fact, Steve Jobs is actually being compared to legendary innovators like Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison.

The last known photo of Jobs was startling; he appeared shockingly thin. He was too ill to present the latest Apple innovation, the iPhone 4S, which was unveiled just this week.

"A lot of people think it stands for "For Steve," said reporter Bill Weir.

From the streets, to the subways, to Apple stores everywhere, people are remembering Jobs. He was a hero on college campuses, and the iPad has changed the way elementary students are being taught.

Earlier this year, Apple became the largest company in America with a more than $350 billion market cap; it has more cash on hand than the US Treasury!