Senator Scott Brown's Nude Photos Cause Controversy Again

It's a no-holds-barred political race as Senator Scott Brown's opponent Elizabeth Warren referred to his nude centerfold when asked how she paid for her college tuition by saying, "I kept my clothes on."  INSIDE EDITION has the s

He's the hunky U.S. Senator who posed nude to finance his law school education.

Now Republican Scott Brown's days as a centerfold, are front and center in a new political battle.

The spread came up in a debate when Elizabeth Warren, Brown's formidable democratic challenger in the 2012 Senate race, was asked by a college student how she paid her way through college.

"How did you pay for your college education," asked a student.

"I kept my clothes on," replied Warren.

Brown struck back in a radio interview.

"You officially responded to Elizabeth Warren's comment about how she didn't take her clothes off?" asked a radio correspondent.

"Thank God," laughed Brown.

That quip hit below the belt, according to The Boston Herald. The front page read: "She's No Me."

Brown first came to national prominence when he won Ted Kennedy's senate seat in a stunning upset. Brown has two beautiful daughters. The eldest, Ayla, was a contestant on American Idol. He was even spoofed on Saturday Night Live by Mad Men's Jon Hamm.

Warren is a former top economic aid to President Obama, and a Professor at Harvard.

Responding to the controversy Warren said, "I answered a question about how I paid for college. I worked a lot of part time jobs, and actually one full time job."

Scott brown said he was kidding at first, but now he's downright mad.

"I found it inappropriate that she would make light of decisions that I had to make in order to pay for law school," said Brown.