Conrad Murray's Own Recordings Heard in Court

Audio recordings of Dr. Conrad Murray’s first interview with detectives following Michael Jackson’s death were played in court as the latest piece of evidence in Murray’s trial. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Dr. Conrad Murray speaks in his own words for the first time about his relationship with Michael Jackson. He said he first met the King of Pop in 2006 when he treated him and his children for the flu. 

On the audio tapes, Murray said, "He was not feeling well and he wanted to see a doctor."

A detective asked, "When you first started seeing Michael Jackson in 2006, what was that for?"

"There was a family flu illness between himself and his children. They were coughing and had runny noses and they felt dehydrated," said Murray.

The dramatic audio tape is Dr. Murray's interview with detectives two days after the King of Pop's death. The tape is over two hours long and has never been heard in public before. On the tapes, Murray tells detectives the story of Jackson inviting him to be his personal doctor on his upcoming This Is It tour.

"Mr. Jackson asked me to be on his team. I was talking to Mr. Jackson himself. He offered me employment and I was of the opinion that he would be my employer directly," said Murray.

HLN's Jane Velez-Mitchell told INSIDE EDITION, "This is the heart of the prosecution's case. This is Dr. Murray in his own words saying what happened on the day Michael Jackson died."

Defense attorney Alison Triessl told INSIDE EDITION Dr. Murray never should have spoken to cops in the first place.

"I would never allow my client to speak to the police, ever. Why are you assisting them? This may prove to be quite a fatal mistake on his part," said Triessl.