Michael Jackson Tribute Concert Gets Mixed Reviews

Michael Jackson’s kids made a special appearance at the tribute concert for their father, the King of Pop. But in the shadow of the Conrad Murray trial, not all of the Jackson family attended. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Michael Jackson's three children made a surprise appearance to thunderous applause at a tribute concert for the late King of Pop. Their outfits were inspired by their dad's iconic style, including Michael's famous red leather jacket from Thriller.

When 9-year-old Blanket stumbled over his words, his big sister, 13-year-old Paris, stepped in.

"We're very happy to be here on this special night to honor our father," said Paris.

But at least three Jackson family siblings boycotted the concert. Janet Jackson and her brothers, Randy and Jermaine, opposed the timing of the event—held right in the middle of the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.

Tito, Jackie, and Marlon did participate in the concert in Cardiff, Wales.

Marlon said, "I think they have a right to whatever they feel. But we're celebrating the positive side of our brother's life, and that's what we're doing. And we know our brother better than anybody else and he would love that we are doing this for him and remembering him in that way."

La Toya was also there.

"You have to look at the bright side of it and it's just so wonderful to see all these people gathered together for one cause, and that cause is him. And at the same time, you try to hold a strong heart so you don't break out in tears when you hear some of the songs," said La Toya.

Headliner Christina Aguilera made it, looking decidedly fuller-figured, in a skintight corset and fishnets. She's also getting criticism for her disheveled hair.

And fans were disappointed when Jennifer Hudson backed out at the last minute. The Jackson family is said to be demanding that she return her six-figure paycheck. Hudson's camp says she bailed because she wasn't given enough time to rehearse.

The Black Eyed Peas also canceled last minute, saying they couldn't make it due to "unavoidable circumstances."

Now some reviews are less than glowing, with The Daily Telegraph describing some of the performances as "X Factor karaoke." But a Wales newspaper calls the concert, "A Thriller of a tribute."