INSIDE EDITION Reports from the Occupy Wall Street Protests

INSIDE EDITION reports from the center of the Occupy Wall Street protests to find what life is like inside the makeshift headquarters.

What's life really like for the Occupy Wall Street protestors? They've turned Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan into a little world all its own.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent walked through the park and found a food line where the protestors eat for free. All the food is donated, and the menu includes pizza and sandwiches made by an assembly line of volunteers.

One volunteer told Trent, "We put out meals at certain times of the day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and then throughout the day we have bread or snacks."

One man washes the dishes. There's even a makeshift compost heap for leftovers. There's a library stocked with books donated for the protestors to read. There's a place where they can roll their own cigarettes. And there's even a masseuse on call to relieve the stress of all that protesting. 

Trent found several school age children at the protest getting an impromptu open-air classroom lesson right in the park.

The protestors sleep in sleeping bags anywhere they can. Some young protestors huddle together on the pavement. Trent saw one couple that looked like something right out of Woodstock, snuggled together under a blanket.

Some of the protestors have been there for over three weeks, with no showers. They clean up with just a quick rubdown with liquid soap.

They try to use the bathroom at places like McDonald's which hasn't endeared them to nearby store owners. One store owner told Trent, "People are trying to bathe in the sinks, stealing toilet paper and some of these kids coming in are just whacked out." 

Sometimes the peaceful but dirty setting can turn nasty. When Fox News's Geraldo Rivera showed up he was heckled. 

Part demonstration, part party. Whatever you think of the prostestors, the eyes of the nation are on them.