Barbara Walters Talks Nancy Shevell Paul McCartney Wedding

Newlywed Nancy Shevell's second cousin Barbara Walters spoke on The View about what it was like to attend Shevell's wedding to former Beatle Paul McCartney. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

At 51, Nancy Shevell, the new Mrs. Paul McCartney, looks great. She is almost unrecognizable from her high school days in New Jersey 34 years ago.

In comparison to her high school yearbook photo, her nose appears smaller and her teeth straighter  

Nancy's second cousin, Barbara Walters, spoke on The View about what it was really like to be at her wedding to Paul McCartney.

"Ringo Starr was there with his wife Barbara, he's the only one who shouted out, 'You know your lines, Paul?' Only Ringo would have done that!" Walters said.

Afterwards, she says, they all went to Paul's backyard where a tent was set up for the reception. She says it wasn't long before the bride changed out of her formal clothes.

"There was a toast that Paul made to John Lennon, whose 71st birthday it was, and she wore a long, beautiful plum-colored chiffon dress and then they went upstairs and they put on jeans and t-shirts, and then we all went dancing," Walters said.

Married life isn't going to be quiet for Paul and Nancy…the former Beatle just announced he's embarking on a European tour in November and December.