Family Lost in Corn Maze Calls 911

A couple called 911 when an afternoon adventure turned to fear after becoming lost in a corn maze with their new baby. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Mom: "I don't see anyone and I'm really scared."

It's a spooky story, right out of a Halloween horror movie! A family lost in a maze was so freaked out they called 911.

Mom: "It's really dark and I've got a three-week-old baby with us."

Mom: "It was daytime when we came in. We figured if we got lost, someone would come around. Instead nobody's come around at all. It's really dark."

It happened at the Headless Horseman Maze in Danvers, Massachusetts, a giant seven-acre corn maze that usually takes about an hour to get through. But the family, a mom, dad, five-year-old boy, and three-week-old baby, got hopelessly lost!

INSIDE EDITION went into the maze with Peggy St. Piere and her six-year-old grandson Michael. 

We hit many dead ends, but made it through pretty easily.

The lost family tried to find their way out in the dark.

Dad: "I see lights over there but we can't get over there. We're like smack right in the middle of the cornfield."

911 Operator: "And it's still open up there?"

Dad: "No. They close at six. We're the only ones in here."

The police sent the K9 unit to rescue the family.

911 Operator: "Go ahead and scream out!"

Dad: "Hello!"

911 Operator: "Say 'Hello K9'!"

Dad: "Hello K9! I hear the dog."

It turns out they were just 25 feet from the exit! Understandably, the family is too embarrassed to speak out about their real-life fright night.

Mom: "We thought this would be fun. Instead, it's a nightmare. Embarrassing. Never again!"

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