Soldier Surprises Daughter After Spelling Bee

A young girl competing in a school spelling bee had no idea the entire event was a set up so that her father could surprise her when he returned home from serving in Iraq. INSIDE EDITION has the heartwarming story.

Can you spell the word "sergeant"?  

For one little girl in Boca Raton, Florida, it's spelled d-a-d-d-y!

Nine-year-old Skylar Johnson was all jittery about taking part in her very first spelling bee contest.

It was the first spelling bee at Boca Raton Elementary School.

But what Skylar didn't know is that the entire event was a big fake. It was all set up so that her soldier dad, serving in Iraq since last Christmas, could give her the surprise of her life.

"I don't know what's going to happen, I am about to tear up right now," said Staff Sergeant Johnson, standing backstage at the spelling bee.

When it was Skylar's turn she was given a pretty tough word to spell,"sergeant."

Then the principal asked her if she knows any sergeants.  

"My dad," said Skylar.

That's when the curtain opened and Skylar got her first look at her hero dad in 10 months.

For the first few minutes there were no words between father and daughter, just kisses and hugs and a flood of tears.

Skylar missed her dad so much she couldn't let go of him.

"This is so special," said Staff Sergeant Johnson.

For Skylar, the whole day was a blur, but she was slowly understanding it was all for her.

"That must be why Mrs. Wilson chose me," said Skylar.

This kid and her father get an A for a homecoming we won't soon forget.