Medical Expert Testifies on Conrad Murray's Care of Michael Jackson

The Conrad Murray trial continued with testimony for a cardiologist who said Michael Jackson would be alive if Dr. Murray hadn’t deviated from providing proper medical attention. INSIDE EDITION reports from the courthouse.

A fellow physician hammered Dr. Conrad Murray's care of Michael Jackson. Cardiologist Dr. Alon Steinberg testified that Murray should never have left Jackson alone in his bedroom after administering the powerful anesthetic Propofol.

"If all these deviations would not have happened, Michael Jackson would have been alive," said Steinberg. "It's like leaving a baby that's sleeping on your kitchen counter top," said Dr. Steinberg.

The world is buzzing about the jaw-dropping details about Michael Jackson that seem to be coming out every day. Mom Katherine was asked about it Wednesday.

"Is it difficult to hear all of this and see it in court?" asked a reporter.

"Very," replied Katherine.

Not only is Michael Jackson's family reliving the nightmare of his death in court, they're also hearing the secrets of his life revealed to the world in shocking and intimate detail.

HLN's Jane Velez-Mitchell told INSIDE EDITION, "I think it's gut-wrenching for them because an entertainer really is all about image. So what would Michael Jackson say if he saw his entire life laid out like this?"

The Today show's Matt Lauer reacted to a photo of Jackson taken just before the autopsy.

"I'm not going to show it again. I think once is's shocking," said Lauer.

The autopsy revealed Jackson had an enlarged prostate, the skin condition vitiligo, a colon polyp, arthritis, and even an extra rib.

In the police interview with Dr. Murray, he said Jackson's eyesight was so bad that he had to use a magnifying glass to read.

"His eyesight was very, very bad. So I did figure out he could be legally blind," said Murray.

Murray was worried Jackson might fall off the stage on the This Is It tour because of his poor eyesight.

The autopsy measured Jackson's height at 5' 9" and his weight at a painfully thin 136 pounds.

"He don't drink and eat. He says all his life his mother's had to force him to eat as a child. And the foods that he eats, when he eats, is mostly chicken and rice," said Murray.

Murray even revealed an embarrassing detail about personal hygiene that the notoriously shy Michael Jackson would have been mortified for the world to know.

"He used excessive cologne. And I never understood how he sprayed that much on all the time. I mean he sat and he just kept spraying," said Murray.