Mother on Store Surveillance Video Hours Before Baby Lisa Irwin Disappeared

Just-released surveillance video shows Deborah Bradley, mother of missing baby Lisa Irwin, shopping with an unidentified male hours before her daughter disappeared. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Just-released video shows the mother of missing baby Lisa Irwin shopping with a mystery man.

Surveillance video from a supermarket in Kansas City, Missouri, shows Deborah Bradley with an unknown young man, not Jeremy Irwin, the missing girl's father.   

She reportedly bought baby food, baby wipes, and wine.

The video was shot five hours before Lisa was put to bed on the night she disappeared.

As the pair left the Festival Foods store, the camera got a glimpse of the young man's face.

Could he be the same young man who stood shoulder to shoulder with other family members at a news conference on Tuesday?

Police say they've checked out the store surveillance video and that it provides no leads in the hunt for Lisa.

The news conference was held to announce that former New York City cop Bill Stanton, now a private detective, is helping in the search for Lisa.

Neither Lisa's mother nor father was at the news conference.

Stanton has worked with INSIDE EDITION on a number of stories in the past. He says he hopes he can meet with Kansas City law enforcement.

"They're doing the best they can and if I can help in any way, I'm here to do that," he said.