Beauty Salons Step Up Security Measures

In the wake of the salon massacre in California where 8 people were killed, INSIDE EDITION reports on emergency plans that some salons have put into place to keep their clients and staff safe.

It's the beauty salon with an emergency hideaway.

The owner of the Ricardo Rojas Salon in New York City is so concerned about safety, he actually has a room set aside where customers and staff can conceal themselves in the event of an emergency. Ricardo Rojas showed INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney the room that is used for such an emergency.

It's not quite as high-tech as Jodie Foster's safety zone in the movie "Panic Room" but it's a refuge if trouble strikes. It seems like a particularly good idea in the wake of the massacre at a salon in California that left eight people dead.

At the Ricardo Rojas Salon, located on Manhattan's swanky Upper East Side, one of the richest neighborhoods in the country, if an intruder is detected there is a plan of action in place to get everyone to the back room and conceal themselves. Once everyone is safely inside the room, Rojas calls 911.

So is an emergency refuge really necessary in a beauty parlor, of all places? Rojas said, "Right now, you never know. My clients and my employees, they have to be safe. They must be safe."

McInerney asked one of Rojas's clients, "How does it make you feel knowing there's a plan of action?"

"I feel much safer," said the client.