Occupy Wall Street Protesters Take Cleaning Matters Into Their Own Hands

When the Occupy Wall Street protesters were notified they would have to leave their makeshift headquarters in Lower Manhattan while the park was cleaned up, they took matters into their own hands. INSIDE EDITION reports from Zuccotti Park.

Violence broke out in New York City at the Occupy Wall Street protest.

Video posted on the Village Voice web site shows demonstrators overwhelming outnumbered cops.

And New York's Mayor Bloomberg found himself in the middle of it all when protesters surrounded the posh restaurant, Cipriani Wall Street, where he was having dinner.

Meanwhile, a tense standoff was averted after city officials threatened to clear out the park being occupied for the last month because conditions were "unsafe and unsanitary."

INSIDE EDITION was there as protesters worked furiously into the wee hours of the morning with brooms, mops, buckets of bleach, and trash bags to spruce the park up to meet minimum standards of sanitation.

One protestor told INSIDE EDITION, "We're scrubbing the place down sparkling clean right now. It's going to look so good, you'll want to eat off the benches here."

One thing's for certain—more showdowns with police are guaranteed.