Cancer Expert Claims Steve Jobs Could Have Lived

A noted cancer expert says that Steve Jobs would be alive today if he would have had life-saving surgery for his cancer instead of opting for “alternative treatments.” INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Steve Jobs didn't have to die.

That's the claim being made today by a Harvard doctor who says the Apple founder waited too long to get treatment and doomed himself to an "unnecessarily early death."

Dr. Ramzi Amri, a respected cancer researcher at Harvard Medical School, says Steve Jobs was diagnosed with a mild form of pancreatic cancer that is rarely fatal. But instead of having life-saving surgery immediately after he was diagnosed, he stalled for nine months, opting for "alternative treatments" instead, like going on a special diet.

"Had Mr. Jobs had the cancer surgically removed immediately, he may well have survived with no residual side effects," said Dr. Amri.

By the time Jobs agreed to surgery and the tumor was removed, it was too late.

Dr. Amri said, "Mr. Jobs opted to dedicate his time to Apple as the disease progressed, instead of opting for chemotherapy. In my series of patients, the survival rate was as high as 100%."

The stunning revelation comes on the day Steve Jobs's latest innovation, the iPhone 4S, is officially available in stores. Thousands of devoted fans are lined up around the country hoping to get their hands on one. He may have died too soon, but clearly, his legacy lives on.

A YouTube clip shows how Steve Jobs has changed all our lives, and for all ages. In the video, a 1-year-old girl plays on an iPad. Then she flicks through a print magazine trying to slide the images in the magazine just like on an iPad.