Rick Perry's Wife Considered His Secret Weapon

Presidential candidate Rick Perry's wife, Anita, says they have been "chewed up" by the press, and comes to the defense of her husband. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

"I do have one of the finest women in the world that I could be married to," said Governor Rick Perry.  

Republican Presidential candidate Governor Rick Perry is standing by his wife Anita in the wake of some very candid comments she made during a speech in South Carolina.

"It's been a rough month. We have been brutalized and beaten up, and chewed up in the press," said Anita.

Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos said, "You are a lucky man to have such a passionate defender, but is that what you believe? That these debates have been unfair, and that you have been brutalized because of your Christian faith?"

"She is passionate, and I'll tell you for sure that family members generally take these campaigns harder than anyone else. But I'll stand by my wife, I think she's right on both cases," said Rick.

The first lady of Texas has been popping up more and more on the campaign trail to bolster her husband's struggling presidential campaign.

Perry has dropped 22 points in some polls, following his at the presidential debates.

"Is it the Mitt Romney that was on the side of against the Second Amendment, but before he was for the Second Amendment? Was it before he was before the social programs,"  said Rick, in a recent debate.

Now he's turning to his pretty wife, a former nurse for help. There standing by each other during the biggest challenge of their lives.