32-Year-Old Man Dies After Mysteriously Getting Stuck in Pipe at Arizona Water Park

Police Tape
The Eldorado Aquatic Park in Scottsdale, Arizona is closed to the public as officials investigate. Getty Images

A rescue mission turned tragic at the Eldorado Aquatic Park in Scottsdale, Arizona when a 32-year-old man became trapped in a pipe connecting to a water slide and died. Emergency crews were able to recover a body from the slide early Monday morning after dismantling the slide. His identity has not been released.  

An officer making the rounds first heard what seemed to be muffled cries for help just after midnight, Scottsdale police said. He eventually determined where the sound was coming from, but lost communication around 2 a.m. Monday morning, KNXV reported.

Officials said they believe he went over a tall fence surrounding the park, got on the slide, then somehow became stuck on the pipe structure, but it is not clear what he was doing there.

The water park is currently closed as officials investigate.


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