"Bridezilla" and the Bridal Shop Brawl

A brawl broke out in a wedding dress shop after the store owner refused to alter a bride's dress because he says she was a bridezilla. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

A real-life bridezilla brawl was caught on tape at a bridal shop outside Detroit, Michigan. Punches flew and the shop owner was slammed into a display case.

An innocent bystander, still in a wedding dress, high-tailed it out of the store as the melee raged on.

The fight started when the shop owner refused to make alterations on a wedding dress because he says the customer was the bride from hell.

"She starts threatening me, saying, 'You don't know who I am, I'll get my husband to come and kill you,' " the store owner told a reporter.

The next thing he knew, the bride barged back into the store accompanied by three men. They argued with the store owner's son and he says one guy spit on his mother and then slapped her.  

Fists flew and everyone went down in a heap as store employees and other customers tried to break it up. The store owner was tackled and went crashing into the display case.

His son actually lost his shirt and grabbed a store display and swung it around. Others used mannequins as weapons.

When police arrived, the three suspects were arrested and charged with assault.

They appeared in court where they pleaded not guilty.

They say they were only defending themselves and claim the store owner is to blame because he refused to make the wedding dress alterations.

Bridezilla herself wasn't charged.

The shop owner says in 25 years of business he's never experienced anything like this.