The Nation Learns More About Who Herman Cain Really Is

The rise of Herman Cain may be the biggest surprise of the presidential race so far. INSIDE EDITION takes a look at the man who’s beginning to take center stage.

It's video of Herman Cain like you've never seen him before, dressed in a choir robe, singing the praises of Godfather's Pizza back in 1991.

Cain's surging candidacy shows no sign of losing steam; now he's on the cover of Newsweek magazine, which says, "Yes we Cain!"

The headline is a play on President Obama's 2008 campaign slogan, "Yes we can!"

The magazine takes an intimate look at the life of the former CEO of Godfather's Pizza, who sang a parody of John Lennon's "Imagine" at a charity event in Omaha.

The issue also includes a photo of Cain at age five, when he was growing up in a Georgia housing project.

Cain's high school yearbook named him "Most Likely to Succeed."

Cain also worked his way through Morehouse College in 1966.

"When he was 16, he worked as a grocery store clerk, with the hope of having two American Express cards. I would bet he has more than two right now," said Newsweek's Michael Daly.

On Meet the Press Sunday he was asked why his wife Gloria hasn't been out campaigning with him yet.

"My wife and I, we have a family life, and she is maintaining the calmness and the tranquility of that family life. So when I do get a day off the campaign trail, I can go home and enjoy my family," said Cain.

Cain has rocketed to the top of the polls and become the talk of the nation. He even has a slight 43 to 41 percent lead over President Obama in the latest Rasmussen poll just released Monday.

In a sign people are really taking notice, he was even parodied on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

On HBO, comedian Bill Maher was skeptical that Cain can actually win the Republican nomination.

"I will put up a million dollars against one that he will not be the Republican candidate. A million to one," said Maher.

As the spotlight on Cain intensifies, the nation wonders if history will be made in 2012 with two black men running against each other for president.