Hotel Employee Uses Marching Band to Quit

INSIDE EDITION talks to the guy who quit his job at a hotel in spectacular fashion, with a marching band!

Joey DeFrancesco quit his job in a spectacular way, with a brass band!

"It felt absolutely amazing to tell someone who had power over you so long to shove it," he says.

DeFrancesco worked for three years delivering room service at the Renaissance Providence Hotel in Rhode Island, but he had had enough.

On the day of the event, DeFrancesco and his friends from a marching band waited for his boss to appear. When the boss arrived, he was furious!

"Guys, what is this? Guys, all of you out right now!" the boss said.

"Jared, I'm here to tell you that I'm quitting!" DeFrancesco told him.

"When you're waiting in the back hallway for your boss to come around the corner, what are you feeling?" INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asks DeFrancesco.

"It was absolutely sort of terrifying standing there, because you're so used to just being subservient to these people," DeFrancesco says.

He's become a working class folk hero among those who have dreamed of telling their bosses to take their job and shove it.

But going out in a blaze of glory isn't exactly a smart career move. Alexander asked DeFrancesco about possible repercussions.

"In the back of your mind, are you concerned that there could be some consequences?" she asks.

"It's possible, you know, if I somehow I need another job in service or something it's possible it will happen, but I don't think you can live worrying about that stuff," he says.

DeFrancesco's marching band stunt has gone viral, getting hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube.

Some are comparing him to flight attendant Steven Slater, who also quit his job in a big way, by sliding down the emergency chute.

So why did DeFrancesco do it?

"I knew I had to go out in a big way because as you could probably tell from the video, they already hated me and I hated them, so I knew the last thing I could do would have to be a big thing," he explains.

DeFrancesco says he already has another job lined up.