Elizabeth Smart Remains Optimistic About Baby Lisa

Elizabeth Smart says she believes missing baby Lisa Irwin is still alive. Meanwhile, INSIDE EDITION has details on another case of alleged kidnapping that involved four victims.

Missing baby Lisa is probably still alive.

That's the view of kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart, who was abducted from her own bed, just like Lisa Irwin's parents claim she was.

At an event in Los Angeles, Elizabeth told People magazine, "I think she's alive. Maybe I'm just an eternal optimist, but I always hope that whomever is kidnapped or disappears is still alive."

"There's always hope," says Smart, "The most important thing is to press forward with this, continuing on and not giving up."

"Having media involvement, in any case, of any child going missing, or any person going missing, is one of the key factors that can really help bring that person home," said Smart.

And in another alleged kidnapping case, it's our first look inside a filthy basement dungeon where cops say four victims were imprisoned. One was shackled to a boiler. They were allegedly held captive for at least a year.

Authorities say four mentally impaired people, three men and a woman, were imprisoned in a house of horrors in Philadelphia so that their abductors could cash their Social Security checks.

Three people have been charged with kidnapping and imprisonment.

But this horrifying case has yielded a crumb of good news. A Florida teenager, missing for four months, has been found safe as a result of the investigation.

Cops say 15-year-old runaway Benita Rodriguez, who vanished from her home in West Palm Beach, Florida, in July, was dating the son of one of the accused kidnappers.

The missing girl's mother was overjoyed to learn her child is safe.

"Big, big relief. That my daughter was alive," said the mother.