LAPD Taking Selena Gomez Death Threat Seriously

Selena Gomez is in fear for her life after allegedly receiving a death threat from one individual who told his therapist he thought about killing Gomez. INSIDE EDITION has the details.  

Teen queen Selena Gomez say's she is living in "extreme fear" after a stalker allegedly threatened to kill her.

 "A frightening new development for one of the most popular young stars today," said Good Morning America's Robin Roberts.

His name is Thomas Brodnicki, and he's 46-years-old.

According to just-filed court papers, Gomez says "He's traveled from Chicago to LA in order to meet me, and visited my workplace on three or more occasions."

Gomez also says the, "LAPD Threat Management Unit is taking Mr. Brodnicki's threats to kill me extremely seriously. I feel that my personal safety, as well as the safety of those around me is in jeopardy."

She signed her declaration as S. Marie Gomez.

The stalker is said to have  told his psychiatrist he had "conversations with God and entertained thoughts of killing Ms. Gomez."

Gomez's stalker is so creepy he was recently picked up for psychiatric evaluation, after he went up to perfect strangers on the street and threatened to scratch their eyes out. He's already served three years in prison for cyber-stalking a woman he allegedly pursued for eight years

Halle Berry, and Paris Hilton have also recently endured stalking nightmares.

Gomez has faced death threats before, although much less serious, from jealous Justin Bieber fanatics.