Lindsay Lohan Back in Handcuffs

There’s more trouble for a drained-looking Lindsay Lohan as a judge revokes her probation for not showing up to work at a women’s shelter. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

It's back in handcuffs for Lindsay Lohan moments after her probation was revoked.

Lohan wore a a simple soft white dress with a white scarf for her dramatic court appearance in Los Angeles. But everyone was talking about her unflattering, almost clownish makeup, wearing plum colored blush that made her look drained and tired.

She was quickly given a tongue lashing by a very upset judge.

"I am revoking her probation. Probation is a gift. It's a gift. It's not a right," said Judge Stephanie Sautner.

Lohan was accused of once again violating her probation by failing to show up to work at a women's shelter, because it wasn't "fulfilling" enough. She missed nine, yes nine, appointments.

Judge Sautner said, "Ms. Lohan indicates that at the women's center, she wasn't interacting with anyone so the service was not fulfilling. Her words. Is that what a sentence is about? It's supposed to fulfill the defendant or is it supposed to be rehabilitative and/or punitive?"

Judge Sautner even took a swipe at Lohan for using her acting career as an excuse for missing community service.

"She is supposed to be an actress from what I hear. I don't know how much acting work she has done, or is doing," said Judge Sautner.

Lohan's lawyer, Shawn Holley, acknowledged times are tough for Lohan.

"The reality is that Ms. Lohan has to support herself, and she supports her family. And as the court also noted, you haven't seen her doing a lot of acting work lately," said Holley.

Bail was set at $100,000, which Lohan quickly arranged to pay up. But for a once promising star with unlimited potential, it was a depressingly familiar position to be in.