Police Execute Search Warrant at Baby Lisa's Home

After Lisa Irwin's mother, Deborah Bradley, made the shocking revelation that she was drunk the night her baby daughter disappeared, police executed a search warrant on the family's home. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

There is new drama in the hunt for baby Lisa as police execute a search warrant at her parents' home.

Wearing white suits and gloves to avoid contaminating evidence, a team of cops and FBI agents scoured the Kansas City, Missouri, house and property.

Fox News reported, "Crews are now digging up land around a shed behind the family home."

But the new search comes amid a deteriorating relationship between Lisa's parents and the police.

Despite the couple's claim that they are helping authorities and have nothing to hide, a police spokesman is now saying, "The parents' level of cooperation hasn't been what it needs to be for us to find this girl."

Kansas City police executed the search warrant Wednesday morning, sealing off the neighborhood, and even declaring it a no-fly zone.

The couple's lawyer, New York attorney Joe Tacopina, discussed the search on Fox News

"Why did police need a warrant to search this home?" a Fox News anchor asked him.

"Well they didn't, and stuff like this baffles me, I don't know if it's for show or not," Tacopina said.

The baby Lisa case is on the cover of the new People magazine, on newsstands Friday.

"Baby Lisa's story has really captured the country's attention because there's such a mystery here. No one knows exactly what happened to her," People's Joey Bartolomeo explains.

The magazine reveals details of how Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin first met.

"She was working at a Payless Shoe Source and he came in to fix a blown electrical panel," Bartolomeo tells INSIDE EDITION.