Wall Street Protesters Served Five-Star Meals

The Occupy Wall Street protesters may be angry and living outdoors, but they're eating like kings. INSIDE EDITION takes a look at some of the food being donated to the cause.

The Occupy Wall Street protesters may be angry, but they're not hungry!

Believe it or not, five-star meals are being prepared to feed the masses. The New York Post summed it up this way: "Whine and dine!"

The meals are made in a soup kitchen in nearby Brooklyn. They are then delivered to Wall Street to feed the demonstrators.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander visited the kitchen, where the stock room is crammed with top-notch items donated for the benefit of the protesters, eggs, vegetables, bread, the works. Soon, the ingredients would be whipped up into five-star meals, enough food to feed 1,000 people on Wall Street.

The chef in charge of it all, Eric Smith, is no stranger to hard times himself.

Smith used to work for a luxurious New York hotel but he was laid off last year. Now, he's in charge of churning out delicious meals for the protesters.

Here's a sample menu:

•    Free-range organic chicken and root vegetables
•    Roasted beet salad with sheep-milk cheese
•    Pasta Bolognese with grass-fed beef
•    Dessert of fresh mixed nuts with banana chips

The Wall Street protesters remain a hot topic around the world, playing a major part in Tuesday night's GOP debate on CNN.

"What are the people who are protesting want from bankers on Wall Street? To come downstairs and write them a check?" said candidate Herman Cain.

Cain got a huge ovation with his controversial point of view.

"Two weeks ago you said don't blame Wall Street, don't blame the big banks, if you don't have a job and you're not rich, blame yourself," said debate moderator Anderson Cooper. "That was two weeks ago. The movement has grown, do you still say that?"

"Yes, I do still say that!" said Cain.

The Wall Street protesters would like to see him eat those words. Meanwhile, they're doing some pretty fancy eating themselves.