Propofol Expert Says Conrad Murray is to Blame for Michael Jackson's Death

The prosecution’s final witness in the Conrad Murray trial delivered blistering testimony of Murray’s care of Michael Jackson, saying he is directly responsible for the King of Pop’s death. INSIDE EDITION reports from the courthouse.

Dr. Conrad Murray listened stone-faced to the most devastating testimony yet about his care of Michael Jackson.

Dr. Steven Shafer is a world-renowned anesthesiologist and authority on the powerful anesthetic Propofol. He's the prosecution's final witness at Murray's manslaughter trial.

"Would it be your opinion that Conrad Murray is directly responsible for the death of Michael Jackson?" asked an attorney.

"Absolutely," replied Shafer.

"We are in pharmacological Never Never Land here. Something that's only been done to Michael Jackson and no one else in history to the best of my knowledge," said Shafer.

Allison Triesel said, "He used the words 'egregious,' 'unethical,' and 'unconscionable.' Those are not three words you want to hear as defendant or defense counsel."

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret, reporting from the courthouse, said, "The blistering testimony accuses Dr. Murray of violating the ancient oath taken by all physicians that holds them to the highest standard of patient care. But Murray is now accused of acting not like a doctor but just like any other employee of Michael Jackson."

"I do not see the difference between Conrad Murray saying yes to the request that Michael Jackson is making, and a person who cleans the house," said Shafer.

Shafer says there were 17 violations by Murray that put Jackson's life at risk, including no rescue equipment, leaving the room, and making phone calls.

Anesthesiologist Dr. Tim Vanderslice showed INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent how Propofol is supposed to be administered as Trent observed a patient who was about to undergo liposuction in a doctor's office in New York City.

Trent asked, "You are prepared if she stops breathing?"

"Yes, we are prepared," replied Vanderslice.

A machine called a pulse oximeter is attached to the patient which sounds an alarm if the patient is in danger.

The anesthesiologist always stays within an arm's reach of the patient watching for any signs of trouble.

But Dr. Conrad Murray is accused of taking none of the steps required of a physician who puts his patient's welfare first.

Shafer said, "This did result in Michael Jackson's death."