Madoff Daughter-in-Law Blames Him for Husband's Death

Nearly three years after Bernard Madoff's multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme was uncovered, the first member of the Madoff family is speaking out. Stephanie Madoff Mack, the widow of Madoff's son Mark, pulls no punches in her new book, The En

Bernie Madoff's daughter-in-law holds the notorious swindler "fully responsible for killing [her] husband."

Stephanie Madoff Mack, 37, is the widow of Madoff's oldest son Mark, who committed suicide 10 months ago. In a new book, The End of Normal, she is revealing how her life in one of America's richest families turned into a nightmare when Madoff's Ponzi scheme was uncovered.

"[Mark] marched into his father's office and said, 'What the [expletive] is going on here?' and Bernie said, 'I can't tell you here, we have to go home to my apartment. I don't want to tell you in the office.' And so he and Andy and Bernie left and they went to his house on 64th street and [Bernie] told them that his business was just one big lie and that he was billions in debt," Stephanie said in an interview with ABC News's Chris Cuomo.

"He said that Bernie delivered the news like that, flat affect…and then cried. Ruth was sitting on a couch like a zombie, saying nothing. Andy fell to his knees and started to cry and my husband picked his brother up and said, 'Let's get out of here,' " she told Cuomo.

"Stephanie Madoff is the only person who is implausible she had anything to do with the crimes, but she watched and saw it all and she knows what brought someone to death because of it," Cuomo told INSIDE EDITION.

Stephanie says her husband once wrote a bitter suicide note to his father: "Bernie: Now you know how you have destroyed the lives of your sons by your life of deceit. [Expletive] you." Stephanie says if she ever encountered her father-in-law in person, "I'd spit in his face."