Airplane Passenger Recounts Terror in the Sky

Passengers on a flight from Denver to Las Vegas feared the worst when the plane had to turn around and began to lose altitude. INSIDE EDITION talks to passenger Andrew Vos about those terrifying moments.

They're the words every airline passenger dreads hearing: "We're going down!"

Video shot by a passenger shows the frightening scene as drama broke out in midair after an announcement that the cabin was losing pressure.

"It was uproar, screaming, yelling, crying," Andrew Vos, the passenger who took the video, tells INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander.

Vos and his family were flying from Denver to Las Vegas when the pilot announced they would have to turn back over the Rocky Mountains.

Vos watched as the plane lost altitude and the oxygen masks dropped.

"We were looking out the window, and watching the mountains getting closer and closer," Vos said.

"Did you think that plane was going to crash?" asked Alexander.

"Yeah, for a while I did," said Vos.

So did others. Upset passengers could be heard in the background on the video.

"When I watched this video, Andrew, I mean my heart stopped. What was it like for you to hear all these people, obviously upset?" Alexander asked him.

"The lady in front of us was just shaking and hyperventilating and my mom was holding her hand and we were trying to calm other people down," he said.

Fortunately, the plane landed safely in Denver.

Frontier Airlines says the emergency was due to a computer malfunction and says, "There was no structural damage. The passengers were never in danger."
But that's little consolation to those on the plane.