Defense Team Begins in Conrad Murray Trial

The defense team begins to make their case in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray with their own medical expert. INSIDE EDITION reports from the courthouse.

The prosecution rests its case against Dr. Conrad Murray. The final prosecution witness was Dr. Steven Shafer, who says Murray directly caused Michael Jackson's death by injecting him with the powerful anesthetic Propofol.

Sitting in the courtroom, glaring and taking notes, was Dr. Paul White, Shafer's former professor, who will testify on behalf of the defense.

The two men were once best friends but they've had a bitter falling out over the Jackson trial.

HLN's Jane Velez-Mitchell told INSIDE EDITION, "It's gotten ugly. It's gotten bloody. It's gotten nasty. It's gotten personal. It is the war of the nerds at this point."

Nastiness is boiling over at the trial. A main expert witness for the defense, Dr. White, is now facing contempt charges after he called his former friend a name so crude we can't repeat it.

The judge was furious that White violated the gag order by talking to a reporter.

Meanwhile, Janet Jackson is postponing her upcoming tour of Australia so she can continue to attend Dr. Murray's trial. In a statement she says: "After talking with my family...I decided we must be together right now."