Restaurant Manager Poisoned with Visine at Work

Pizza Hut manager Ginger Watson was the victim of a cruel prank that sent her to the hospital. Police say a waitress at the restaurant poisoned Watson by putting Visine in her drink. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Ginger Watson is the victim of a malicious prank gone horribly wrong.

"It could have killed me. It's really scary," she said of the prank.

It's a scheme straight out of the movie Wedding Crashers, when Owen Wilson's character uses Visine to sicken his archrival.

"Nobody wants to think that somebody hates you that much they would poison you," she said.

It happened at a Pizza Hut in the mountain community of Waynesboro, North Carolina. Watson, the manager, got so violently ill after taking a sip of her soda she ended up going home early for the day and eventually ended up in the hospital.

"You didn't taste anything?" INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked her.

"I didn't taste anything," Watson said.

Suspicion immediately fell on Christina Webb, a waitress who works at the Pizza Hut. Earlier in the day, Watson had given Webb some constructive criticism about how to treat customers.

"Did it seem to you that she took offense?" Trent asked.

"Oh yeah, she was angry at me," Watson said.

So mad, police say, the 21-year-old waitress allegedly spiked her boss's soda with Visine when Watson wasn't looking.

Watson told INSIDE EDITION she checked into the emergency room and was admitted into the hospital.

"This is a drug that is potentially dangerous if it's used incorrectly," says Dr. Mark Morocco, an ER doctor at Los Angeles's Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

He says Visine is not something to be fooled with. Ingesting it can cause high blood pressure, a coma, or even death.

"This drug is a little bit of a wildcard drug, when it's not used correctly. Put it in your eyes, it works great. [It] makes your red-eye go away, [it's] very safe. If you drink it or inject it, it gets into your bloodstream and behaves in ways that we don't quite understand."

Watson says she is still in shock that she was poisoned at work.

"I just want to make sure it doesn't happen to anybody else," she told INSIDE EDITION.   

Webb was arrested after allegedly bragging to her coworkers about spiking her boss's drink. She was charged with a felony and has pled not guilty.