Surveillance Video Could Hold a Clue in Disappearance of Baby Lisa

Surveillance video from the night of baby Lisa's disappearance is providing a bombshell new lead in the case that could support her family's claim that Lisa was abducted by a stranger. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

There's a puzzling new twist in the baby Lisa case. Who's the mystery man seen in surveillance video the night the child was reported missing?

The video of a man coming out of the woods was shot in the early morning hours at a gas station just a mile from the house where little Lisa Irwin disappeared.

It is thought the man came out of a wooded area while cameras at the gas station caught his movements.

The new video comes on the heels of two witnesses claiming they saw a man carrying a baby dressed only in a diaper that night.

Good Morning America and Today got a look inside the bedroom where cops say a cadaver dog may have detected a human corpse.

There was still residue from where police dusted for fingerprints.

Still in the kitchen is the box of wine that baby Lisa's mom Deborah Bradley got drunk on the night her daughter disappeared.

Meanwhile, Bradley was consoled Lisa's father, Jeremy Irwin, at a candlelight vigil for their daughter at their Kansas City home.

Both wore t-shirts with "kidnapped" printed above a photo of their 11-month-old daughter.

It was the couple's first public appearance in a week and comes after the police spent 17 hours searching their house for evidence.