Son of Steve Jobs is the Apple of His Eye

The much-anticipated biography of Steve Jobs reveals details from his family life, including his teenage son scoring high marks on a TV quiz show. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It's a TV quiz show for brilliant high school students, and one student in particular is very special indeed.

The constestant was introduced on Quiz Kids as Reed Powell. His real name is Reed Jobs, the son of genius Steve Jobs. He's an absolute ringer for his dad in his younger years.

Quiz Kids host asked, "The negative termial for a battery is a cathode. What is the positive terminal called?"

"Anode," Reed answered.

"Correct," said the game show host.

Reed took his mother's maiden name, Powell, for the show to keep a low profile. His parents were actually in the audience to see their 18-year-old reel off one right answer after another during the 2009 broadcast.

When it comes to brains, this apple clearly did not fall far from the tree.

In his best-selling Steve Jobs biography, author Walter Isaacson writes about Reed's quiz show appearance.

"Reed is just like his father, except he has his mother's kindness. His father tried to remain inconspicous among the parents sitting in the rows of folding chairs. But he was clearly recognizable in his trademark jeans and black turtleneck."

You won't believe what Reed told the host he was working on for his senior project.

"We're trying to find some new genes for colon cancer which would signal for susceptibility for that disease," said Reed.

"You want to be an oncologist?" asked the host.

"Yeah," replied Reed.

Reed Jobs dreamed of curing the disease that took his father's life.

On a bittersweet note, Steve Jobs did live to see his son graduate from high school. During the ceremony, an ecstatic Jobs sent an email from his iPhone to his biographer:

"Today is one of my happiest days. Reed is graduating from high school. Right now. And, against all odds, I am here."