Baby Lisa Case Echoes Another Missing Child

The case of missing baby Lisa Irwin is showing eerie similarities to another missing baby case from 2007 that happened near Fort Bragg army base where Lisa's mother, Deborah Bradley, once lived. INSIDE EDITION has the latest developments.

It's the missing-child case with strange echoes of the baby Lisa mystery, and it happened near Fort Bragg, the army base where baby Lisa's mom, Deborah Bradley, once lived. Now, some are labeling the similarities "eerie."

It happened in 2007. A little girl named Harmony Creech was reported missing from her crib, just like baby Lisa would later be. An intruder was said to have climbed in a window of the home, just like the baby Lisa case.

Harmony was 11 months old. Lisa was 10 months old when she was reported missing.

And just like the baby Lisa case, cops launched a huge dragnet. Suspicion quickly fell on the young mother, Johni Heuser.

When the baby's body was found hidden in the attic, Heuser confessed and later pleaded guilty to murder.

Now, some are pointing out the similarities in the accounts the two mothers gave to police.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd spoke to Harmony's grandfather, science teacher Ronald Creech.

"The similarities between these two cases is eearie, isn't it?" asked Boyd.

"Yes it is. It's too much of a similarity," said Creech.

Creech speculates that Deborah Bradley was aware of the earlier case, although she had moved out of Fort Bragg a few months before the Harmony case became front page news.

"She had to have known. There's no way that she did not know about my granddaughter," said Creech.

Bradley and baby Lisa's father, Jeremy Irwin, have repeatedly insisted they know nothing about her disappearance.

Boyd asked, "If Deborah Bradley is innocent here, any sense of what she's going through, having experienced something similar in your own life?"

"It's like having a part of you just ripped out," said Creech.