The Bee Gee's Robin Gibb Suffering from an Intestinal Disease

Bee Gee fans are concerned over recent photos of Robin Gibb showing him looking gaunt and pale. Is the famous brother gravely ill? INSIDE EDITION reports.

It's the shocking photo of pop legend Robin Gibb that has the world fearing for his health today.

The Bee Gees singer looks deathly ill as he battles a serious intestinal disease.

A frail Robin avoided answering any questions about his health during an appearance on a British talk show this week.

He's reportedly suffering from the same intestinal disorder that killed his brother Maurice in 2003.  

At the height of their fame in the 1970's, The Bee Gees was the biggest act on the planet, with a string of number one hits featured in the movie, Saturday Night Fever.

But with success came tragedy. The Gibbs youngest brother Andy died at age 30 from a heart attack brought on by drug abuse. And Maurice was just 53 when he passed away.

But Robin is determined to carry on the family legacy.

"Robin is not well. But he has always been a trooper and is determined to fight this. He is a very brave man," said one of Robins close friends.