Is Rick Perry Questioning The Validity of Obama’s Birth Certificate?

Republican Presidential candidate Rick Perry sparked controversy over his comments on President Obama’s birth certificate. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Is Rick Perry a Birther?

The struggling candidate is questioning the validity of President Obama's birth certificate.

The firestorm started when Perry was asked by Parade magazine whether he believes the President was born in the U.S.. 

"I have no reason to think otherwise, I don't have a definitive answer, because he's never seen my birth certificate," said Perry.

"But you've seen his," said Parade magazine reporter. 

"I don't know. Have I?" said Perry.

Perry recently had dinner with Donald Trump in New York. Of course Trump sparked his own firestorm last spring by repeatedly questioning Obama's citizenship, forcing the President to release the long form of his birth certificate. The issue appeared to have died out, until Perry raised it once again.     

"It's a good issue to keep alive," said Perry.

Appearing on CNBC, the Texas governor admitted he enjoys stirring the pot.

"It's fun to poke at him a little bit, and say hey let's see your grades and your birth certificate," said Perry.

And surging candidate Herman Cain has released a new campaign ad that's being called "Bizarre and Wacky," because it shows his chief of staff smoking!

"Are they going for pro-emphysema vote here?" said Joy Behar on The View.

But Cain did get support from smoker Whoopi Goldberg.

"I'm just saying, stop demonizing everybody," said Goldberg.

Political analysts say, Cain is signaling that he's not your normal, politically correct politician.