Woman Finds Out Her Boyfriend is a Hoarder

Can you imagine walking into your significant other's home and finding out for the first time that he or she is a hoarder? That's what happened to one woman. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Imagine seeing your boyfriend's house for the first time, and finding out he was a hoarder. TLC's documentary production Hoarding: Buried Alive took Annie into her boyfriend Chris's home for the first time. She reacted with astonishment.

"You live here? I've never seen anything like this in my life!" she said.

"I was shocked," she tells INSIDE EDITION.

Annie thought her Navy veteran boyfriend Chris was her dream guy when they met in a Starbucks. "We had this sort of quick chemical connection and he was wonderful," she says.

It wasn't until six months into their relationship that she walked into his three-bedroom townhouse in Northern Virginia and saw junk, piled on top of junk, piled on top of junk.

"This is crazy, crazy, crazy people are like this!" Annie exclaimed.

Every room in the house is brimming over with stuff. Just to get into his home, Chris has to climb up a stairway that is partially blocked with boxes and other items.

He takes the cameraman on a tour of the home, pointing out that you can't even see his two sofas obscured beneath the junk.

"When you walked in that door the look on your face told a thousand stories..." INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent tells Annie.

"No one could ever imagine what was behind that door," she says.  

Hoarding: Buried Alive airs on March 14th on TLC.

"Did you tell him to clean this place up or you're out of there?" asks Trent.

"Oh about a million times. Since I found it out. And you know he's like, 'Oh I love you I'm going to do it,' " Annie tells INSIDE EDITION.

It looks like Chris is going to have to clean up his act!