Ex-Bodyguard Talks About Working For Herman Cain

INSIDE EDITION talks exclusively to the bodyguard of Herman Cain who reveals what the GOP star candidate is really like behind the scenes.

He's the candidate who's turned the Republican presidential race on its ear.

But Herman Cain's instant fame is coming with a price.

"Herman Cain's life is in danger," said Kris Herzog.

Kris Herzog was Cain's personal bodyguard.

He says Cain has been warned that racist groups may be targeting him for assassination.

"They're evil, evil people that don't want him to become president. I told him very directly there's a high probability that someone will try to murder you," said Herzog.

Herzog says those threats are one of the reasons Cain's wife Gloria doesn't campaign with him.

"Herman Cain does not want to expose his wife to this. Some of these people are vicious, incredibly dangerous," said Herzog.

Cain sells himself as down-to-earth, and the candidate with the common touch.

But is he really such a regular joe?

Herzog says the multi-millionaire Republican is so unassuming he actually makes sandwiches for his bodyguards.

"He wouldn't get back to his hotel room sometimes till one in the morning. And his number one concern was, these men are risking their lives to protect me, I want to make sure they're taken care of and they have something to eat," said Herzog.

"He made you sandwiches in the middle of the night?" asked INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret.

"I watched him do it," said Herzog.

Herzog, a private security consultant, gave INSIDE EDITION more insights into what Cain is like when the cameras aren't around.

His favorite TV channel is the Military Channel and despite his wealth, he and his campaign staff sometimes stay at budget motels.

Herzog also says Cain gets by on four hours of sleep a night.

Herzog's actually putting some of the details in his book called My True Hollywood Story.

Cain's campaign has come under fire for the chaotic way it's reportedly being run. At the top of the list of questionable decisions is the very fact that they hired Herzog, a man with a controversial past.

Herzog, who also served as a bodyguard for Mel Gibson's ex Oksana Grigorieva's, made headlines recently when he claimed he was also her lover. Her lawyer denied it, calling Herzog "half blackmailer, half psychopath."

It was also revealed that Herzog once pleaded no contest to impersonating a police officer.

He insists he never kept his controversial past a secret from Cain's staff. But he did quit the Cain campaign due to the resulting embarrassment.

"Writing that letter of resignation was so physically painful. It was only like 30 or 40 words, it took me an hour and a half to do it," said Herzog.

"Were you an embarrassment to the Cain campaign?" asked Moret.

"Yes, and it breaks my heart," said a tearful Herzog.

Herzog says he's left with one indelible impression of his former boss.

"What you see is what you get, 24 hours a day," said Herzog.

[UPDATE: After fulfilling the conditions of his probation, Herzog’s criminal conviction in Los Angeles was dismissed in March, 2012.]