Personal Trainer Gets Fat to Get Fit Again

INSIDE EDITION talks to a personal trainer who is shedding his six-pack to become obese in an unconventional effort to help his clients get in shape.

INSIDE EDITION was there as personal trainer Drew Manning wolfed down ten hot dogs loaded with all the works. Why? Because Drew Manning is actually trying to get fat.

Incredibly, just six months ago, the 30-year-old was pure muscle and 76 pounds lighter. It's a startling difference from his flabby appearance today.

So why is this Salt Lake City, Utah, man becoming obese on purpose? Manning says it's to help him in his job as a personal trainer.

"The main reason was to gain a better understanding of what some of my clients went through and what it's like to be overweight," Manning told INSIDE EDITION.

Manning eats huge quantities of food—everything from donuts to a bucket of fried chicken and giant burgers stacked with jalapeno peppers. He even ate a table full of hot dogs loaded with bacon, guacamole, onion rings, and chili at Los Angeles's legendary Pink's Hot Dogs.

With the help of wife Lynn, Manning documents his expanding waistline on his website

Lynn told INSIDE EDITION, "When he first approached me with it I obviously thought it was very unconventional. Who comes home and says, 'Babe, I think I'm going to get fat,' ?"

Each week Manning weighs in. He now tips the scales at 269 pounds which is a huge jump from his starting weight of 193 pounds.

Manning is doing all this under a doctor's care. And the father of two is confident his journey from fit to fat to hopefully fit again will be worth it.

"I want to create this large community of support for thousands of people and say 'Let's get healthy together,' " said Manning.