Did Kim's Brief Marriage Damage Kardashian Brand?

The Kardashian family has turned their name into a multi-million dollar brand. But has Kim’s 72 day marriage damaged the entire brand? INSIDE EDITION reports.

The marriage lasted just 72 days. Now the stunning news of Kim Kardashian's divorce could taint the billion dollar Kardashian brand.

But Kim's mother, Kris Jenner, defended Kim on the syndicated radio show Johnjay and Rich.

Kris said, "People have to just calm down for a minute and realize that you know, no one's doing anything crazy. It's just a horrible, horrible situation. People just have to stop judging, take a step back and let Kim do what she needs to do." 

She said Kim may give her expensive gifts to charity.

Some say the whole wedding was a publicity stunt and if fans feel duped they may turn away from the Kardashian brand—the clothing lines, the stores in New York and Los Angeles, the endorsements, books, and the reality shows.

Columnist Jo Piazza told INSIDE EDITION, "Consumers are really loyal. And if consumers don't think they can believe in the Kardashians, they won't believe in the products and they won't buy the products anymore."

Young brides across America were using Kim Kardashian's fairy tale wedding as inspiration for planning their own weddings, copying everything from the dress to the lip gloss.

Famed designer Vera Wang made Kardashian's $25,000 bridal gown, with plans to put a cheaper $1,500 knockoff on sale at David's Bridal. Now, all that romantic luster may be gone.

"They were brought in to be a part of this fairy tale wedding, to be a part of a fantasy. And now we're learning that the fairy tale and the fantasy wasn't true at all, and that's not the kind of product placement that these sponsors were looking for when they signed up for something like this," said Piazza.

The E! Network has been airing the two-part wedding special every day since the premiere on October 9th. Now they are reportedly considering pulling the show off the schedule. So far E! is standing by Kardashian.

"E! will continue to share the fascinating real lives and larger than life existence of this close knit family," a statement said.

Meanwhile it's business as usual. Mom, Kris, the brains behind the brand, was on QVC just yesterday selling her latest book and clothing line.

Even the divorce announcement may have been carefully timed to coincide with magazine deadlines to maximize coverage.