Conrad Murray Will Not Testify About Death of Michael Jackson

It was a tense day at the Conrad Murray trial as he made the decision not to testify in his own defense. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It's official: Dr. Conrad Murray will not be testifying under oath about the day Michael Jackson died.

The defense wrapped up its case with Dr. Murray deciding not to take the stand. It was potentially the most important decision of the trial and he struggled with it right up to the last minute. With TV cameras turned off in the hushed courtroom, he stood before the judge and made his announcement.

"My decision is I will not testify in this matter," he told the judge.  

"This decision will haunt him forever because if he's convicted he will always ask himself, 'If I'd only taken the stand, if I'd only told my side of the story…' and there's obviously something he wants to get out there," HLN's Jane Velez-Mitchell tells INSIDE EDITION.

The defense rested its case after hearing final testimony from star witness Dr. Paul White. Closing arguments will start Thursday.

The jury may get the case before the end of the week. If convicted, Dr. Murray faces four years in prison as well as the loss of his medical license.