Tiger Woods Likely To Compete In Masters Tournament

It's being reported that Tiger Woods is planning his big return to golf at the upcoming Masters Tournament.  INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Tiger Woods is ready to roar again. The disgraced superstar will likely make his big return to golf next month at the prestigious Masters tournament. Tiger has racked up 4 wins at the Masters, including his historic victory in 1997 when he became the youngest winner ever at age 21.

Last night on David Letterman's Late Show, Donald Trump predicted Tiger will make a big comeback. Letterman asked Trump, "What do you see in terms of his future?"

"Well, I think his future's great. He's a friend of mine. He's a really good guy. He's a very tough few months, and by the way, you have too and  you've done a great job. I love what you did to the blackmailer" said Trump.

Tiger also seems to be getting his marriage to wife Elin back on course. It's "looking better and better that she will stay married to Tiger" according to a source who has spoke to the Chicago Sun-Times. Elin kept quiet about Tiger returning to golf while picking up their daughter Sam at preschool on Friday.

Irene Folstrom is Tiger's college sweetheart, and now she's coming to his defense. "I think he'll absolutely get through this," said Folstrom.

Irene says Tiger's sex scandal came as a shock to her because it sounds nothing like the Tiger she knew while they were dating at Stanford.

"He was a great boyfriend. He was not a ladies man in college. He had a geeky side to him. We called him Erkle," said Folstrom.

Despite his indiscretions, Irene sees a bright future for Tiger once he returns to golf, saying, "My gut tells me that he will still have a huge following and will be forgiven by his fans."